Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In The News

Most of us who have experience with kratom are well aware of the misinformation generated from the news media. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd argue that these ill-conceived news stories are part of a larger campaign of disinformation that originates from the pharmaceutical companies, but I digress.

This news article out of Ohio is a typical, one-sided portrayal of kratom. There's a pretty standard (and trite) formula that these media outlets employ:

  1. Grab the readers with hyperbole/fear-mongering, e.g. "There's a new legal high sweeping the area, and you can find it in your local gas station or convenience store."
  2. Brag about your brave, undercover investigation into the dark recesses of a local head shop.
  3. Talk to a local bureaucrat/law enforcement official whose job it is to help the news organization generate fear and paranoia.
  4. Make a feeble attempt to create "balance" by adding a sentence or two describing an alternative opinion.
  5. Ignore any rational, well-thought-out comments that criticize the article.

I'd really like to meet the folks who are getting a "high" from kratom. I won't get to meet them though, because they don't exist. I've had marijuana in the past, so I have somewhat of an idea what it's like to be high. Kratom, it seems to me, would be a huge disappointment for anyone seeking to get high. I encourage you to read the article, and voice your opinion in the comments section. It's a few days old, but you can bet there will be more like this.

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