Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Some Reviews for Mmm, Speciosa!

Update, 1/31/2016
I've disabled comments for this post, and deleted the previous comments. An astute reader noted that this post had been "thread-jacked" -- a technique with which I was unfamiliar. It appeared that competitors were hitting this particular post, posing as either disgruntled customers, or outright promoting their own product. While I like to give a voice to everyone, I don't have the time or patience type type of underhanded, mean-spirited behavior that was beginning to manifest. Thanks to the reader who notified me.

A couple of months ago, I received a shipment of samples from my friends at Mmm, Speciosa! I like doing business with them because they're a local business. In Austin, Texas, we're big on supporting local businesses.

In exchange for the samples, the kind folks at Mmm, Speciosa! politely asked me to write a review of some of these samples. I've obviously been busy (read "extremely lazy"), and haven't gotten around to writing a review until now. Sorry, guys! :-( Without any further ado...

Classic Bali Review

Mmm, Speciosa! sent me a number of samples, and while they were all high-quality, a few really stood out:

  1. Classic Bali
  2. Tawa Tua
  3. Plantation Maeng Da
  4. "Test 219 A" Bali

Classic Bali

The Classic Bali was spectacular. Currently, Mmm, Speciosa! seems to be out of stock on this gem. Sadness! I took one tablespoon, and found myself relaxed physically, but with a high amount of mental energy. One tablespoon was almost too much, so in subsequent doses, I found that 1-2 teaspoons was sufficient. (One tablespoon is equivalent to three teaspoons.) I found this variety of Bali great as an evening pick-me up, and was especially helpful in keeping a step ahead of my eight year-old. This variety is one I hope to see back on the shelves at Mmm, Speciosa! soon.

Tawa Tua Indo

The Tawa Tua Indo offered a good pick-me-up as well, though not nearly as strong as the Classic Bali. I did find that two teaspoons of Classic Bali to one teaspoon of Tawa Tua was a good mix. I had a good amount of energy, and felt happy -- not a bad way to spend the after work hours!

Plantation Maeng Da

The Plantation Maeng Da turned out to be another favorite. I found it to be energizing, but did not notice the physical relaxation as much as I did with the Classic Bali. The mental energy levels were about equal, though. I'd definitely recommend this one if you need to focus, but don't need the physical relaxation as you might want for pain relief or meditation.

Test 219A

I wish I knew what the "Test 219A" Bali actually was, because it resulted in a relaxed body and happy mind. I would definitely add it to my regular rotation of purchases. As I look through my notes, I see my state-of-mind after taking this variety was such that I sat down and spent some time on this blog, which is something I find difficult to do most evenings. I really liked this variety; it wasn't "too much," but was definitely enough to make it worth a review.

S.O.S Stem and Vein

The S.O.S Stem and Vein gets an honorable mention among these reviews, because its effects are noticeable and not what I would expect from a stem and vein variety. After taking a tablespoon (approx 8-9 grams), I felt positive and productive. I've just placed a small order again, just to tide me over to my next payday order next week. Turns out I accidentally under-ordered last month because, well, math.

I'd like to thank the generous folks at Mmm, Speciosa! for their kindness. Please pay them a visit if you haven't yet. Their customer service is outstanding, and their products are always high-quality.