Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Samples from

The kind folks at recently sent me some samples to try. Here are my thoughts on each of them:

Green Vein Kali

The Green Vein Kali provided some energy, but not as much as I expected for a green vein. This could have been a problem with me because at the time I was healing from a head cold. As you know, colds can kill your energy, and I've often found that kratom doesn't help my energy levels if I'm suffering from an illness. I would have to buy some more of this (which I probably will along with the Bali), to get a more accurate gauge of the type of energy boost it provides.


The Bali was great. I took it in the evenings and found that it really tempered my anxiety. It was a nice clear-headed sort of calm, so I continue to function as I normally do, but without the cloudiness/loopiness of a synthetic anxiolytic like clonazepam. Even during the day at work, the stress seemed to get to me a little less, and the kratom didn't make me feel groggy. I am considering buying this strain for evenings to unwind, and to take during acute anxiety episodes at work.

Overall, I was happy with the products and the customer service. Please give them a try yourselves!

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