Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sampling Mood & Mind

I've been using Mood & Mind as a vendor on and off for several years now, and have been impressed by their efficiency and customer service. They recently sent me a number of samples to try and I've found three new favorites that I'll be reviewing here. If you like what you read and decide to pay them a visit, please be sure to create an account to view their kratom selection. It’s quick and painless!

TIP: When I shop at Mood & Mind, I use the coupon code TOMTEA10 to save 10% on their kratom, which has the brand name “Tom Tea”. Enter in the cart at checkout.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with the owners of Mood & Mind, and I learned a lot about them and their processes. In the wake of the DEA scare from 2016, they were a huge contributor to PR firms and both the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance, and continue to contribute to the ongoing legal battle. Every time you buy from them, you’re helping the fight to keep kratom available to us all. I also learned that quality is extremely important to them; their packaging is done in an FDA-regulated facility and they lab test and quality control every batch. They also ensure that their Kratom is free from contaminants or metals, which is something I’d like to see every vendor doing to protect consumers and to help keep kratom legal.

Now, onto the reviews!

Maeng Da Green/Red Blend

The results are exactly what I love about kratom. At six grams, I got a nice shot of energy along with a relaxed feeling and felt like doing things. I was content and didn't feel the need to take my anti-anxiety medication. It wasn’t quite the energy shot I’d experience from maybe a green or white vein, but it was perfect for the time of day and circumstances.

Green Malay

This one is an energy booster, for sure. I normally don't feel like doing much in the evening, but this one gave me enough energy in the evening to pursue two of my hobbies: playing the banjo and writing code. The great thing about it was that I found that I could get away with a smaller dosage than with other varieties; five grams is the magic number for me. I also tried combining with the Maeng Da Red/Green blend, which I found to be pleasant as well.

Holiday Blend

The holiday bend was a smooth, relaxing blend of red, white and green vein. I was overcome with a sense of calm, but also motivation to get some things done (like write this review). I’m almost always stressed out after work, but this put me in a very pleasant mood. I took a teaspoon and a half to start, then another teaspoon about forty-five minutes later. If you’re looking to feel some holiday cheer, put the eggnog down and reach for this blend.

As I discover more favorites, I’ll update this post to include those, so please stay tuned and check often!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sampling The Kratom Connection

Recently, the nice people at The Kratom Connection sent me some samples of a few different strains. I dealt specifically with Andrew, a really nice guy. If he's any indication of their customer service, it's great! I sampled the following strains:

Green Malay
This strain provided me with a warm, relaxed feeling, but not the energy boost I sometimes look for in kratom. That's perfect for me in the late afternoon and evening as I try to wind down.

Red Betanguie
Provided an energy boost, but not more than I could handle. It wouldn't have quite been enough for focusing at work, but enough to knock off some honey-do items during the evening and weekend.

Green Hulu
This one made me relaxed and alert at first, but I became sleepy after an hour or so. I'd probably take this one about an hour or two before bed to relax and get ready for a good night's sleep.

My favorite experience resulted from mixing a 2:1 blend of the Red Betanguie and Green Malay strains. This blend relaxed me, but also put me in a good mood and I was alert and able to be in the moment as I watched a movie with the family. This might be a good daytime mixture to stay focused and manage stress levels at work.

I had a pleasant overall experience with The Kratom Connection, from the customer service to the actual product itself. I recommend trying the Green Hulu, Green Malay and Red Betanguie strains. They had somewhat different effects for me, but they each would have a place in my daily routine. Their prices are competitive -- not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive. I could definitely make room for their product in my monthly budget.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

If You Care About Kratom, Let the DEA Know

The American Kratom Association wants to get 10,000 comments submitted by December 1st. To date, there have been about 5,400 comments submitted. I submitted my comments a few weeks ago, and it only took about ten minutes of my time. If you haven't posted your comments, yet, you have two weeks. Get to it!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Samples from

The kind folks at recently sent me some samples to try. Here are my thoughts on each of them:

Green Vein Kali

The Green Vein Kali provided some energy, but not as much as I expected for a green vein. This could have been a problem with me because at the time I was healing from a head cold. As you know, colds can kill your energy, and I've often found that kratom doesn't help my energy levels if I'm suffering from an illness. I would have to buy some more of this (which I probably will along with the Bali), to get a more accurate gauge of the type of energy boost it provides.


The Bali was great. I took it in the evenings and found that it really tempered my anxiety. It was a nice clear-headed sort of calm, so I continue to function as I normally do, but without the cloudiness/loopiness of a synthetic anxiolytic like clonazepam. Even during the day at work, the stress seemed to get to me a little less, and the kratom didn't make me feel groggy. I am considering buying this strain for evenings to unwind, and to take during acute anxiety episodes at work.

Overall, I was happy with the products and the customer service. Please give them a try yourselves!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Temporary Victory. Also, You Are All Amazing People!

The community of kratom consumers is amazing. I know this is a temporary victory, and perhaps only postpones something inevitable, but I am overwhelmed with happiness (and a bit misty-eyed). Thank you for your passion, energy, and commitment to this cause. I don't have an overabundance of words, but here's a great article by the Washington Post: