Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sampling The Kratom Connection

Recently, the nice people at The Kratom Connection sent me some samples of a few different strains. I dealt specifically with Andrew, a really nice guy. If he's any indication of their customer service, it's great! I sampled the following strains:

Green Malay
This strain provided me with a warm, relaxed feeling, but not the energy boost I sometimes look for in kratom. That's perfect for me in the late afternoon and evening as I try to wind down.

Red Betanguie
Provided an energy boost, but not more than I could handle. It wouldn't have quite been enough for focusing at work, but enough to knock off some honey-do items during the evening and weekend.

Green Hulu
This one made me relaxed and alert at first, but I became sleepy after an hour or so. I'd probably take this one about an hour or two before bed to relax and get ready for a good night's sleep.

My favorite experience resulted from mixing a 2:1 blend of the Red Betanguie and Green Malay strains. This blend relaxed me, but also put me in a good mood and I was alert and able to be in the moment as I watched a movie with the family. This might be a good daytime mixture to stay focused and manage stress levels at work.

I had a pleasant overall experience with The Kratom Connection, from the customer service to the actual product itself. I recommend trying the Green Hulu, Green Malay and Red Betanguie strains. They had somewhat different effects for me, but they each would have a place in my daily routine. Their prices are competitive -- not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive. I could definitely make room for their product in my monthly budget.

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