Saturday, February 13, 2016

Getting to Know Hill Country Kratom

A couple of weeks ago, Dominic from Hill Country Kratom contacted me about trying some samples. I'm fairly selective about the vendors with whom I choose to do business, but Dominic really caught my attention. Hill Country Kratom is based in central Texas, so I'm always eager to pump some money back into the local economy. What really stood out, though, was the great relationship that Hill Country Kratom (HCK) has with their farmer in Indonesia. The farmer that supplies kratom for HCK is a teacher as well, and some of the proceeds from HCK's sales are donated to the school where the farmer teaches. How cool! Needless to say, I was enthusiastic to try some samples, and help promote the business a bit.

Dominic sent me two varieties to try: Red Maeng Da and Green Vein. The Green Vein was definitely outstanding. I took it before my son's basketball game on a Saturday, and was feeling social, energized, and ready to take on the world. Normally, I'm pretty sluggish on Saturdays (by choice), but this was a nice change. The Red Maeng Da wasn't super noteworthy, but that may have had more to do with my condition at the time, as I wasn't feeling particularly well. I don't fault the strain for this.

I was impressed by Hill Country Kratom and Dominic. I'm going to place my next bulk order with them, so that I can get a good sampling or their product over a period of a month. I'm also going to give the Red Maeng Da another try! Hill Country Kratom is a vendor worth checking out, and they are doing good things for the world. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my money get reinvested into education!


  1. HCK is absolutely without a doubt the best vendor I've ordered from. I met with Dom and ordered just a taste the first time and the green vein blew me away! Since then I've ordered bulk and have tried every strain they have to offer and I'm always impressed with the freshness and quality. I'm a huge energy fanatic so it's hard topping the green md for me. I've used kratom for over two years know and have spent thousands on noted vendors claiming the best, but they don't have shit on my boy Dom and HCK. I'll b back soon homie, just trying to get back on my feet from surgery. Love u guys, PEACE!!!! JDB

    1. Happy to hear about your great experience. I've corresponded with Dominic as well and found him to be a very stand-up individual. I'm glad our paths crossed and look forward to dealing with him more!

  2. I nave had a very positive experience with Hill Country also. I order 1 oz each of six different strains, all very stellar. It is going to be my go to from now on. I'm in Canada, and the exchange is not in our favour at the moment. Even with that issue, they are worth every penny.


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