Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Trip to the Local Head Shop

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I don't normally purchase my kratom from a head shop. Head shops are notorious for marketing kratom as a "legal high," which casts a dark shadow over kratom and those who consume it. On the rare occasions when I run low, I will make a quick stop at the locally-owned head shop.

This may be obvious to some, but if you're new to kratom, take the dosing instructions from the head shop employees with a grain of salt. While I was standing in line the other day, an employee was instructing someone new to kratom to take three tablespoons every three to four hours. That's roughly twenty-five grams in a dose which would leave me in a very poor state for many hours. (My normal dose is about 5-7 grams or 1.5 teaspoons.) I'm glad I happened to be there that day, because I was able to tell the customer that she should start with one teaspoon. I sincerely hope she listened. She was middle-aged, so I suspect a dose as high as the employee recommended might have been quite a bit harder on her.

While we're on the topic, how much kratom should one have if they've never tried kratom before? No more than a teaspoon is what I would say. What are your thoughts?


  1. I completely agree with you about the bad reputation Kratom users are getting because of the headshops. I am also upset that you heard an employee telling a customer to take way too much kratom on a single first dose experience. I found an article that is a great starting point for people wanting to know how much Kratom to take


    Hopefully this will help some people looking for more information. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nathan, and for the link. I'll add that to the "Useful Links" section of the site!

  2. Nice Blog...I completely agree with it


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