Saturday, April 4, 2015

A PayPal Alternative for Kratom Vendors?

Given PayPal's less-than-stellar reputation and refusal to do business with kratom vendors, I'd be interested in kratom vendors giving Dwolla a serious look. I am aware that Bikhuk takes payments through Dwolla, but haven't encountered any other vendors that use it.

Dwolla is a secure alternative to using credit cards to make purchases online, and their fees are lower than PayPal's. It would be nice to see a few vendors implement Dwolla, especially for those of us who have been burned using our credit cards online.

Dwolla doesn't know I exist, and they aren't paying me to refer vendors to use their service. I'm only mentioning them because they're the main viable alternative to PayPal of which I'm aware, and I would like to see vendors look at alternatives to PayPal.

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  1. My website is trying to incorporate dwolla soon enough


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