Sunday, March 8, 2015

Coastal Kratom

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Robert from Coastal Kratom. Robert reached out to me through Facebook to tell me how much he appreciated this blog, and the traffic that the Trusted Kratom Vendors page brings to him. Coastal Kratom wasn't listed specifically on that page, but was mentioned several times in the comments, which apparently brought him enough traffic to check out my little site. Robert very generously offered to send me some samples of his kratom, and I gratefully accepted that offer.

The Coastal Kratom product is outstanding. In particular, I fell in love with the Bright Eyes Bali and the Premium Plantation Bali, the latter of which is currently giving me a shot of energy, clarity, and sense of well-being as I write this review. The other samples were some of the best I've sampled as well, but the two aforementioned items really stood out.

Coastal Kratom sends their product in bottles, which is a convenient way of keeping your strains separately. My usual way of labeling various glass bottles works fine, but it's nice to see someone else take this into consideration as well. The only issue I had with the bottles was that the mouth of each bottle was just a bit too narrow for my measuring spoons (I use teaspoon/tablespoons as opposed to measuring specific amounts), and trying to fill the spoons by dispensing the kratom from the bottles proved to be a bit messy. Ultimately, I ended up transferring the kratom from the small bottles provided by Coastal Kratom, to my glass bottles. Not everyone would have the same issue I had, and it's great to see how these folks take the time to package the product so thoughtfully. It's a nice touch, and I almost feel silly for bringing up this minor issue.

Coastal Kratom hadn't previously made my list of trusted vendors because their price range exceeded my monthly kratom budget. (The criteria I used to build the list was price, service, and product quality.) I was very forthcoming about the cost to Robert, who was understanding. I will likely purchase smaller amounts from Coastal Kratom when I'm looking for some variety -- or that terrific Plantation Bali! If your budget permits, I highly recommend Coastal Kratom for their service and quality. Again, I extend my gratitude to Robert and Coastal Kratom for the generous offer.

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