Wednesday, November 5, 2014


As Ross Perot sagely observed in the 1992 Presidential debates (and yes, I am that old), "Tahm is the enemy!" Translated from Texan to English, that's roughly "Time is the enemy!" (I've lived in Texas for a bit, so I've picked up some of the lingo.) Kratom helps give me the energy to pursue activities that I love, including software development, banjo, guitar, yodeling, and trying to trick my son into thinking I'm the greatest dad ever. I'm also a bit of a social media butterfly, and appear on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and When I find some free time between all that, I write. I suppose the lack of posts is, in a way, a good thing; it means I'm pursuing the things I really like to do.

I'd like to spend more time working to ensure kratom remains legal, and I do find time to write the occasional letter to a legislative body when the legality of kratom is called into question. That's where I think this blog may play a role. I'm a pretty regular guy by most standards: I have a wife, kid, one too many pets, and a full-time job. The only difference between me and my colleagues, family members, and friends is that I use a misunderstood plant to help with some conditions that have troubled me for years. I hope that by writing about kratom and its relevance to my life, I can enlighten people and show that neither kratom -- nor those who benefit from it -- should be demonized. We're real people with jobs, families, and a smelly dog (well, some of us, anyway). Thank you for your time, and all you do to help ensure kratom remains a natural alternative medicine for us!

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