Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Vendor - Botanical Wellness

For the past several months, I've made several purchases from Botanical Wellness, and have added them to the Trusted Kratom Vendors page. I've been impressed with the quality and price of the product, as well as the delivery speed (and price). For $95.00 plus $5.00 shipping in handling, I'm able to purchase a pound (454g) of kratom, which lasts me about a month. Also? They are a Bikhuk reseller, (listed on that page as Kratom Wellness, their former name) so I'm comfortable that I'm getting a quality product.

Give them a try if you're looking for an alternative, and I hope your experience is as pleasant as mine has been! I should remind the readers that as of this moment, and to my knowledge, Botanical Wellness has no knowledge of this site. I've added them because of my solid experience with them, and not because of any financial incentives.


  1. Do you know if Botanical Wellness has any coupon codes? There is an entry space on their ordering page to enter promo codes, but alas, a google search has turned up nada. Thank you.

    1. i wanted to recomend another great vendor called (save on kratom .com) price is great and the quality is the best that i have found , they also have the largest varity over 15 strains free shipping with purchases over an oz and 2 day delivery, i recently ordered an oz from TKK and was impressed with delivery time but the quality is yet TBD as i just recieved it today looks a little stemmy and kinda dry i was expecting it to be more powder form like the description and what i am used to, although i will say the customer service was great in the notes section i asked for a sample of a specific extract strain and they sent me a generous sample as well as my order was a generous oz too so i will weigh in on overall product quality in a few days. BTW the extract sample was amazing by far best i have tried it was the extract x if anyone wants to try it, but i strongly recomend the saveonkratom website for a high quality and multiple strains,
      thanks jeremiah


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